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The following are the default controls for Banished. Many different settings can be remapped on your keyboard.


Rotate View Left Q
Rotate View Right E
Move View Forward W
Move View Back S
Move View Left A
Move View Right D
Pitch up PgUp
Pitch down PgDown


Rotate structure CW R
Rotate structure CCW T
Cycle house designs (Only affects Wooden and Stone Houses) F


Open the Simulation Speed menu F1
Open the Tools and Reports building menu F2
Open the Homes and Housing building menu F3
Open the Roads and Bridges building menu F4
Open the Storage, Markets and Trade building menu F5
Open the Town Services building menu F6
Open the Food Production building menu F7
Open the Resource Production building menu F8
Open the Removal and Destruction Tools menu F9
Open the Options menu ESC

Time Control

By opening the Simulation Speed menu (F1), the player can choose to accelerate or slow down the pace of the game. It is possible to pause the simulation, or change it to 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x speed.

Slow down the simulation 1
Pause the simulation 2
Resume the simulation 3
Speed up the simulation 4

Tools and Reports

By selecting the Tools and Reports menu (F2), the player has a huge choice of various panels and options.

Shows general statistics about the town 1
Shows a log of events that have occured 2
Shows an overhead map of the area 3
Assign jobs to citizens 4
Shows limits placed on resource production 5
Increase Priority 6
Paths 7
Save camera locations 8
Open the Town Hall information panel 9
Show help and reference material 0
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