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Resource Production

First Appearance


A Quarry and an Iron Mine

The Mine is a structure which allows miners to obtain iron ore and coal[1]. It cannot be removed from the landscape, but the upside is that it produces massive amounts of iron and coal. The downside is that while the player can remove the wooden or stone part of the structure, they leave a heap of dirt or a pit in the ground and the land is wasted forever.

Mines function in much the same way as quarries, in that they both require large workforces and allow the player to access resources under the earth.

Resource Gathering

The primary function of a mine is to obtain iron from beneath the earth for the production of tools. A secondary benefit to a mine, however, is the acquisition of coal.

Coal can be used as an alternative fuel source to replace firewood. This can reduce the need for forest area, at the expense of having more miners. Coal can also be used by the blacksmith to smelt iron and make steel tools, which last longer than iron tools.

Placement Restrictions and Labor Force

Mines need to be placed on a hill or mountain and require a workforce of 15 to perform at peak efficiency.[2][3]


A mine can suffer cave-ins, which are extremely dangerous to any miners that are currently working inside.

Building cost

Mine Footprint.png
Resource Amount


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