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[[File:School_House_Construction.jpg|400px|right|A School House being constructed in [[Banished]].]]
#REDIRECT [[School House]]
The '''school house''' provides [[citizens]] with education, which in turn increases how effective a citizen is at given tasks. For example, a [[woodcutter]] is able to get more logs from a single tree than a woodcutter that is uneducated. It can take a few years for children to finish school and end up as educated [[citizens]].<ref>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPN_sbQjeMs</ref> Overall, educated workers produce more food, gather materials and craft goods faster.
Schools are staffed by a [[teacher]]. If the school loses its teacher while students are being educated, the students will seek another school to go to; if no other school is available for them, they will become uneducated [[laborers]] instead.
Build your first school house just after you build your 3rd or 4th house. The children being born will grow up to be educated.
== Construction Cost ==
Construction of the School House requires:
{{Building cost
|labor = 80
|log  = 50
|stone = 50
|iron  = 16

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