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Currently, this only lists whole articles categorized as "Structures", excluding redirects. This includes the more general Foresting and Housing, while excluding Wooden House, Stone House and Forester Lodge that people would be more likely to look for on the main page.

Perhaps include redirects in the dynamic page list? That way we can categorize the redirect pages as structures instead of the "meta" pages. I've updated the Structure template to include an "exclude" parameter so that the Foresting and Housing pages aren't included in the Structures category (and therefore not included under "Buildings" on the main page, since they describe more general concepts). If this change is applied, be sure to add exclude=true as a parameter for all structure template instances in Housing and Foresting so those pages no longer show up under Buildings.

I have edited this page to list redirects as well now.
--Mastergalen (talk) 09:57, 26 February 2014 (EST)

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