Villagers chopping down a nearby forest.

Foresting is a method of gathering resources. Foresting involves the player having the villagers cut down nearby trees. The logs can then be used in building structures or creating firewood to cook food and heat citizens's houses.

Deforestation without the use of a Forester's Lodge should be done with care. Forests will regrow slowly on their own, but only if there are nearby trees. Mature trees spawn other resources such as roots, onions and herbs, which can be collected by gatherers and herbalists. These Resources won't spawn without nearby trees. It seems that the idea of ancient forests haven't been implemented yet and that resources such as herbs spawn depending on the number of mature trees in the area. [1]

Forester Lodge

Forester Lodge
Forester img 400.jpg

Resource Production

First Appearance


Max. Workers

4 foresters

The Forester Lodge enables foresters to cut down nearby trees as well as plant saplings that will grow into new trees. You can choose if you want the foresters to only plant trees, only cut down trees, or do both. If you chose to place a Forester Lodge in an area without trees they will plant new trees, but they cannot cut these down for a couple of years as they take some time to grow. In the process of planting new trees the foresters will remove loose stone and iron and take these to the nearest stockpile.

The forester lodge has a range of 61 squares (diameter).

Building cost

Foresterlodge Footprint.png
Resource Amount


This resource is created by building and assigning a wood cutter who then turns logs into firewood.

A Wood Cutter building used for producing Firewood


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