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Business chamber backs industry water conservation bill

SANTA ANA — An attorney general's group said Tuesday that its support for an industry-backed bill to require water quality testing for industry has been endorsed by a large number of industries, including California's largest manufacturers of consumer goods, as well as environmental groups.

The Independent Group of California Water Resources, which represents approximately 830,000 customers in California's four largest cities, voted Tuesday to join the coalition on the proposal.

The group was created to combat the threat of pollution and economic hardship caused by the industrialization and growth of urban areas, said Kevin Kollmeyer, spokesman for 바카라 the group.

"The industry is already engaged in many of these activities, from industrial water quality testing to residential and commercial water treatment plants, from chemical processing plants to agricultural businesses," he said.

"But what we're trying to do is take it to a high level that it's not just another industry issue," Kollmeyer said.

The industry had opposed a bill recently introduced by Assemblywoman Jackie Speier (D-Rancho Cordova) that would have required companies doing business in California to apply for permits to conduct a standard laboratory test for chemicals, 바카라 Kollmeyer said.

Speier's bill did not include any requirement of testing for 바카라 industrial or industrial wastewater — an important distinction because both types of wastewater are used for purposes like animal growth and crop production, the bill's author, Speier spokeswoman Susan Peeples, said.

Industrial water quality testing requires companies to test water to detect levels that can affect human health, safety and welfare. Speier's bill required businesses to also perform a lab test every three months.

The Independent Group also supported the proposal by the California Water Resources Control Board, Kollmeyer said. But because the group has an advisory board, it does not necessarily have the same influence as other environmental groups, he said.

Spokane attorney Richard Dutton said the water and waste management industry was "vigorously involved in this legislation for years and they were happy to help."

The Independent Group, a not-for-profit advocacy group, 바카라 will continue its public lobbying efforts to ensure that such regulation is in place, said Bill Kollmeyer, Kollmeyer's spokesman.

But, he said, the legislation has the potential to affect many industries, including the water business.

"Some companies do not want to be regulated and they want their facilities to be operated as they were at the time they first began using the water," he said. "But over time they can become more efficient, can use less water, but their costs per unit of water they consume have increased....

"They cannot just take it and apply this ne

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