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This guide will help you in getting all the Steam achievements for Banished.


Settlement, Village and Town

"Reach a population of 300, 600, 900 citizens."

These are pretty straight forward in the sense that, building a big city will suffice. There are many guides about building big cities, so they will not be listed here.

One with Nature

"Reach 400 citizens without building crops fields, orchards, or pastures."

The temptation to build farms, orchards and pastures can be big, so it is suggested to start at medium or hard difficulty to reduce the amount of seeds you start with. You can still trade for food from merchants if you worry about food variety. Just be sure to have enough food production to handle the loss of farms, orchards and pastures.


"Reach 300 citizens without building a trading post"

Just don't build the trader, it's that simple.

Golden Gate

"Build a bridge that is at least 50 units long."

Some maps might make it impossible to complete this, so be sure to check for sufficient spacing. Also be ready, for building a long bridge takes a lot of stone and time, and sometimes the builders will wander off to the other side to build, if they can. This can kill people if you're not careful.

Ready for anything

"Simultaneously store 2000 fuel, 2000 wood, 500 stone, 500 iron, 200 tools, 200 coats, and 30000 food."

Raise the limits on your production buildings, and just wait for it, it'll come in time. Also, it doesn't mean all have to be stored in the same storage building, multiple storages count too.

Builder/Master Builder

"Build a town that has at least one of every possible structure." / "Build a town with 3 churches, 5 boarding houses, 4 markets, 5 hospitals, 2 trading posts, 6 taverns, and a town hall."

Both are self-explanatory, just be sure to have enough resources available.

Built from stone

"Build a town with 100 stone houses."

Another self-explanatory achievement, but remember that stone houses take a lot of stone to build, and a too rapid rate of building can cause overpopulation and isolation of people.


"Build a town that has a population of 300 after 100 years." / "Build a town that has a population of 500 after 200 years."

Big city achievements, but this time, you have a time limit on when to reach a certain population.


"Have a fully educated population with 200 adults for 4 years." / "Reach a population of 300 citizens without building schools."

For the first one, just build a school early, like on year 2 or 3, to not get too many uneducated labourers. After you hit the limit, keep it that way for 4 years.

For the second one, just leave those schools for later. This can be hard, but it's possible.


"Equip a population of over 200 adults with steel tools for 4 years." / "Cloth a population of over 200 with warm coats for 4 years."

Not hard to get, but the problem here is, people steal coal (needed to make the tools) to their own homes to heat the homes. Also, mines don't produce huge amounts of coal either, so merchants can be your best bet if you can get them to deliver it to you every trip.

After getting sheep, wool will flow like water to you, making getting the second achievement a breeze. Just be sure to put the limit on both tools and coats a little more than 200, or you'll have to start from the beginning every time your people take the items from storage.


"Stock the trading post with at least 500 ale, 300 steel tools, and 200 warm coats."

Just assign traders to the post, and raise the limits, and you'll get this in no time.


"Acquire 3 livestock types, 8 crop seed types, and 8 orchard seed types."

This is easy if you have a lot of things to trade for. You can check the town hall to see what seeds and animals you already have. Easiest to get on easy difficulty, as you start with sheep and a lot of seeds.


"Build 20 wells in a single town."

Wells take stone to build, 40 to be exact, so be ready to commit. Otherwise, nothing too much to get it.

Food Variety

"Grow and harvest 8 different plants and 8 different orchard tree types in a single year."

Just build an orchard and a farm for each of the seeds, then just wait, and you'll get it at some point.


"In a single year, produce at least 2000 food each from hunters, gatherers, fisherman, pastures, fields, and orchards."

I'm not yet sure if this achievement also allows you to get the food from multiple producers. Because getting 2000 of each resource from just one producer each is quite hard.

Healthy/Smiles All Around

"Maintain high health for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens." / "Maintain high happiness for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens."

High "happiness" and "health" mean, by my experience, constant 4,5 stars or above. Building civic buildings and having a herbalist and a varied diet will easily get this for you.


"Produce 50,000 logs in a 100 year period." / "Produce 10,000 iron in a 100 year period."

Logs are a lot easier to produce than iron, but for a time period like that, both are easily taken.


"Fill graveyards with at least 400 graves."

Easier said than done, because the largest graveyard will only fit 138 graves. Also, graves vanish overtime, so the best way to get this is a tornado or famine, which both cause mass death.

Trader/Master Trader

"Use trading posts to trade 50,000 units of goods in a single town." / "Use trading posts to trade 100,000 units of goods in a single town."

Both achievements take time to get, so don't give up in the first 10 years of starting this.


"Maintain 2 quarries with 30 workers each for 3 years." / "Maintain 2 mines with 30 workers each for 3 years."

Because both mines and quarries kill people on the job often, put some extra workers beyond what you need to compensate for the deaths. I'm not sure, but available labourers may make it unnecessary to put extra workers on the job, I have yet to test this.


"Build a town with 2000 stone paved road tiles."

Stone roads can take up lots of stone, so be sure you have the stacks for this.


"Allow 200 nomads into a single town."

Just allow the nomads into your city, but be sure to having sufficient housing, and a hospital for potential diseases.

Jack of all Trades

"Build a town of over 200 people that has someone working in every profession for at least 5 years."

Build the places for people to work, and that's it. I'm not sure if dying workers, and labourers then replacing them, resets the progress.


"Build a town that contains 60 cattle, 75 sheep, and 180 chickens."

First you need to trade for the animals, then just steadily grow them to larger numbers. Be sure to reserve a huge amount of space for the pastures.

Mountain Men

"Using a harsh climate and a small mountainous map, maintain a population of 50 people for 20 years."

The real challenge people keep talking about. You are given the settings, but can you really survive?


All of the descriptions for the achievements came from the banished steam achievement page.

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