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The Builder is a Profession in Banished, responsible for completing new construction projects. Unlike other professions, such as the Herbalist and the Forester, Builders do not have a specific structure associated with them. Along with buildings like the Storage Barn and Blacksmith Lodge, Builders are responsible for completing dirt and stone paths.

Constructing a Building

Builders will not immediately begin construction of a building once it has been placed. Instead, Laborers must first drop-off the required number of resources at the build site.

After all the necessary resources have been placed, available Builders will begin work on the structure. Upon completion, they will move on to the next project.

Pausing Construction

Players have the ability to pause the construction of a building at any point by selecting the building and clicking the Pause button. Any Builders or Laborers that had been working on the structure will stop what they are doing and move on to the next task. This can allow players to plan out their village without needing to expend any resources.


In the event that there are no active construction projects, Builders will behave as though they are Laborers. This benefits the player as it means they do not have to explicitly remove Builders from their job each time an extra Laborer is required for a task.

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