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Agriculture Gameplay

Farming can be considered a sustainable method of obtaining food for your citizens, though farming for many seasons in one place will ruin the soil.[1] Though, the developer has confirmed that soil degradation has not been implemented.

To plant each crop, their respective seeds have to be in storage. Seeds can be obtained through trade with the seed merchant.[2] Pasture animals can also be traded for, but beware that custom orders of goods tend to be more expensive than regular goods brought by the trader.

Nothing can be farmed during winter time and Crops cannot be planted until spring[3].

Citizens need to be recruited to work in the fields manually, remember each time you create a new farm area to increase the number of workers allocated for the job.

Crop Fields

Main article: Crop Field
A group of prosperous crops.
An infested crop field.

Crop Fields are used to produce crops such as[3]:

Each type has slightly different characteristics. Bean grows the quickest and tend to reach 100% yield during Summer, thus harvesting tend to already ongoing in Early Autumn. Squash is very resistant to cold and can survive temperature as low as -2C. Once all crops have been harvested on a given farm, farmers will act as laborers.[4]


Crop Field Infestation Icon.jpg

The player will be warned of any crop field infestations with an infestation icon as shown to the right.

It is important to note that crop fields can become infested[3], this will destroy the entire crop. It also means that if the same crop is planted in the same area again they will have a much greater chance of being infected, as such it is recommended to plant a new type of crop in the field next year. Also of note is that if you have multiple crops of the same type in fields close together the infestation can spread, be sure to separate crops of the same type to avoid this problem.

The best course of action during infestation is to order your workers to harvest the crop as soon as possible, this ensures you save some of the drop that was already produced.


Main article: Orchard
A young plum orchard.
Orchard Menu.jpg

Orchards are used to produce Fruit and Nuts such as listed below. Orchards need to be planned and planted well before use because they take roughly four years to grow enough to produce anything. It is worth noting that as trees in an orchard grow older they do produce more goods.[3] However, older trees will die and require replanting.[5] Orchards can also be affected by infestations.[3]


Main article: Pasture
Cattle being reared in a pasture.
Pasture Menu.jpg

Pastures are used produce livestock. Livestock can be moved between fields or herds can be "split" to spread animals between pastures and increase their numbers and productivity. A herd of at least 10 animals is required to split a herd. [3] [6]


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