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Display when selecting a citizen.

Citizen is a general term used to describe the inhabitants of Banished. The player will be working hard to protect and provide for their citizens from the harshness of their surroundings.

Citizens age 5 times per 1 in-game year, not once. This averages out to age roughly once per every 2.4 seasons(36 in late spring and 37 half way through summer).

Citizens names are randomly generated and even though their name may be an actually IRL name, it may not correlate to the same gender as the IRL name. Female citizens always wear skirts and male citizens always wear trousers. Male and female citizens are equally likely to take any Profession and handle it with equal facility. The only distinction made between the sexes is that only female citizens are susceptible to Death in childbirth.

A citizen's happiness and health is directly linked to how they are treated and how well they are provided for, the more their needs are met the happier and healthier they will be, keep them all happy and watch your settlement thrive and grow. Citizens require houses to live in your settlement.

If carrying resources, their maximum capacity is 100 weight units, unless they work as traders, who using wheelbarrows can carry up to 500 weight units.

When selected the player is given an overview of the citizen, their Name, Gender, Age, Job, Clothing, Education, Health and Happiness. The player can also quickly check what the selected citizen has in their inventory as well as give them commands and see what they are currently doing or choose to follow them with the Follow mode.[1]


There are a multitude of professions available for citizens. The player can control the number of citizens in each line of work with the Town Hall or by using the Professions interface. Citizens with no profession will automatically become Laborers, which meet the demand for labor.

List of Professions



A healthy town has a variety of foods and an ample supply of medicinal herbs harvested by a herbalist. Health is essential to the prevention of disease outbreaks. When diseases do occur, hospitals can be used to keep disease from spreading amd reducing the chance of death.


A Fisherman as seen with the Follow Mode.

Happiness affects productivity. An unhappy population will idle frequently, decreasing overall production. Some structures increase happiness, such as Markets, Wells, Taverns, Trading Posts, Cemeteries and Chapels. Industrial structures such as Mines and Quarries will decrease the happiness of those who live nearby. Births and marriages increase happiness, while deaths, sickness, starvation and freezing will decrease it.

A citizens happiness depends on how well they have been provided for. If they are clothed well and have food they will be happy. There are however, many factors that can affect happiness, such as a death in the family will cause a citizen's happiness to decrease for a few years but living by a graveyard will increase the happiness of those that live nearby[2].


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