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The town hall is an administrative building in Banished.

Once a town hall is placed, records and ledgers of the towns status are available. You can see population, resource amounts, food reserves, and other population data as it changes over 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 years. You can also see current information as well as citizen jobs, health, happiness[1], education, food production etc. Town hall can also be used to accept or deny citizenship on nomads that arrive at random periods of time. Their numbers depend of the current population of the city (can be from 10-30% of current population) . Accepting nomads can boost the city with extra working hands if the city can provide for accommodation and necessities. Nomads have a chance to carry diseases that may actually hurt the current population if not having enough herbs or medical clinic available. The Town Hall requires no citizens to staff it[2]

Town Hall Overview tab showing the overall status of the town and its citizens as well as the allocation of citizens for different professions.
Town Hall Inventory tab showing the goods in storage.
Town Hall nomads tab accepting or denying citizenship to nomads.
Town Hall trade items tab with all animals and seeds purchased.

Building cost

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Resource Amount


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