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Crop Field

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Crop Fields are plots of land allocated for the production of various crops. Crop Fields are staffed by a variable number of farmers dependent on the size of the field.

See the Crop article for information about different crop types, and the dynamics of crop field farming.


A crop field of 15x15 will give the best Efficiency. Each farmer will manage 56.25 square which gives a bit more ratio than the other possibilities. A 4x4 field is the worst crop field you can have because 1 farmer will manage 16 blocks. The table below shows the best and worst possible grids per farmer composition.

Squares Grid Farmers Square per farmer
16 4x4/2x8 1 16
56 4x14/7x8 1 56
60 4x15/5x12/6x10 2 30
112 8x14 2 56
117 9x13 3 39
168 12x14 3 56
169 13x13 4 42.25
225 15x15 4 56.25

You can manually lower the number of farmers per plot. In optimal conditions (next to a barn and house) a farmer can serve 80-90 squares and produce 600 food.

Building cost

Crop Fields cost nothing to produce, but are limited in size to between 4 to 15 units of length in either dimension.

You must have a crop's seed type in order to plant, grow, and harvest that crop.

Crop Field Footprint.png
Resource Amount

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