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Pastures are used to produce livestock. Livestock can be spread between pastures to increase their numbers and productivity. Livestock may include[1]:

Note that the only way to initially obtain livestock on (Medium and Hard)is through trading at the Trading Post. In Easy difficulty, you begin with livestock. Beware that custom orders of goods tend to be more expensive than regular goods brought by the trader.

The pasture limits are 20 tiles per cow, 16 per sheep and 6 per chicken.

If you want 14 sheep then you need 224 tiles (14 sheep * 16 tiles/sheep) [2]

It should also be noted that pastures can become infested, during which your livestock will be slowly killed until the pasture is emptied. If a pasture becomes infested, it is recommended you build a small pasture to house some backup livestock. Once your main pasture is emptied, the infestation disappears.


You'll see the best efficiency of the pens in the table bellow. Note that the optimal size of the pens for cattles and sheep are the biggest possible pens with 2 herdsman. The 10x20 pen is the least efficient because you can only hold 1 more cattle than the biggest pen for 1 herdsman. The table below shows the best and worst possible grids per herdsman composition.

Squares Grid Herdsman Cattles Sheep Chickens Remark
49 7x7 1 2 3 8
180 9x20/10x18/12x15 1 9 11 30 Biggest pen for cattle
192 12x16 1 9 12 32 Biggest pen for sheep
198 11x18 1 9 12 33 Biggest pen for chickens
200 10x20 2 10 12 33
400 20x20 2 20 25 66 Best ratio for cattle/sheep


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