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Banished doesn't use any type of money for trading, however, each resource has a certain value and can be traded in for others, whichever are offered by a merchant.

Ordering resources increases their base cost by 25%, any values after the comma are truncated.


Firewood is possibly the most efficient trade good for selling, given that it's an infinite resource with high value.

Resource Value Custom order
Logs 2 2
Firewood 4 5
Iron 5 6
Wool 5 6
Coal 6 7
Stone 7 8
Leather 10 12

Clothing and tools

There is one caveat: Steel tools cost more in production (2 + 5 + 6 = 13), if produced by an uneducated blacksmith.

Resource Value Custom order
Iron tools 8 10
Steel tools 10 12
Hide coat 15 18
Warm coat 15 18

Food and consumables

Ordering food explicitly does not increase the cost, due to the above mentioned rounding.

Resource Value Custom order
Crops 1 1
Fruit 1 1
Eggs 2 2
Meat 3 3
Herbs 4 5
Ale 8 10


Livestock can be purchased from livestock merchants, which is a requirement for pastures.

Resource Value Custom order
Cattle 800 1000
Chicken 400 500
Sheep 600 750


Seeds are required to grow crops on crop fields. There is no point in buying each seed more than once. Once purchased, the seeds can be used infinitely. The available seeds can also be checked in the town hall.

Resource Value Custom order
Seeds 2500 3125
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