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Awards or achievements are a way to gradually guide new players into Banished and give them challenges to complete.[1] These achievements have no impact on gameplay and are just an added extra optional challenge that can be completed by the player.

List of awards

Here is an incomplete list of awards.

Icon Award In-game description
Healthy Maintain high health for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens.
Builder Build a town that has at least one of every possible structure.
Trader Use trading posts to trade 50,000 units of goods in a single town.
Smiles all Around Maintain high happiness for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens.
Farmer Acquire 3 livestock types, 8 crop seed types, and 8 orchard seed types.
Foodie In a single year, produce at least 2000 food each from hunters, gatherers, fisherman, pastures, fields, and orchards.
Immigrants Allow 200 nomads into a single town.
Master Trader Use Trading Posts to trade 100,000 units of goods in a single town.
Tombstone Fill graveyards with at least 400 graves.
Settlement Reach a population of 300 citizens.
Stylish Cloth a population of over 200 with warm coats for 4 years.
Jack of all Trades Build a town of over 200 people that has someone working in every profession for at least 5 years.
Mason Maintain 2 quarries with 30 workers each for 3 years.
Blacksmith Equip a population of over 200 adults with steel tools for 4 years.
Built from Stone Build a town with 100 [[House#Stone House|stone houses.
Smelter Produce 10,000 iron in a 100 year period.
Golden Gate Build a bridge that is at least 50 units long.
Highwaymen Build a town with 2000 stone paved road tiles.
Stonework Produce 10,000 stone in a 100 year period.
Established Build a town that has a population of 300 after 100 years.
Master Builder Build a town with 3 Churches, 5 Boarding Houses, 4 Markets, 5 Hospitals, 2 Trading Posts, 6 Taverns, and a Town Hall.
Ready for Anything Simultaneously store 2000 fuel, 2000 wood, 500 stone, 500 iron, 200 tools, 200 coats, and 30000 food.
Tenure Build a town that has a population of 500 after 200 years.
Livestock Build a town that contains 60 cattle, 75 sheep, and 180 chickens.
Uneducated Reach a population of 300 citizens without building schools.
Mountain Men Using a harsh climate and a small mountainous map, maintain a population of 50 people for 20 years.
Educated Have a fully educated population with 200 adults for 4 years.
Town Reach a population of 900 citizens.
Village Reach a population of 600 citizens.
Isolationist Reach 300 citizens without building a trading post.
One with Nature Reach 400 citizens without building crops fields, orchards, or pastures.
Miner Maintain 2 mines with 30 workers each for 3 years.
Food variety Grow and harvest 8 different plants and 8 different orchard tree types in a single year.
Firefighter Build 20 wells in a single town.
Exports Stock the Trading Post with at least 500 ale, 300 Steel Tools, and 200 Warm Coats.
Lumberjack Produce 50,000 logs in a 100 year period.


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