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Awards or achievements are a way to gradually guide new players into Banished and give them challenges to complete.[1] These achievements have no impact on gameplay and are just an added extra optional challenge that can be completed by the player.

List of awards

This is a complete list of all of the awards as of 28/10/2013.

Icon Award In-game description
Healthy Maintain high health for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens.
Builder Build a town that has at least one of every possible structure.
Trader Use trading posts to trade 50,000 units of goods in a single town.
Smiles all Around Maintain high happiness for 10 years in a town with at least 100 citizens.
Farmer Acquire 3 livestock types, 8 crop seed types, and 8 orchard seed types.
Foodie In a single year, produce at least 2000 food each from hunters, gatherers, fisherman, pastures, fields, and orchards.
Immigrants Allow 200 nomads into a single town.
Master Trader Use Trading Posts to trade 100,000 units of goods in a single town.
Tombstone Fill graveyards with at least 400 graves.
Settlement Reach a population of 300 citizens.
Stylish Cloth a population of over 200 with warm coats for 4 years.
Jack of all Trades Build a town of over 200 people that has someone working in every profession for at least 5 years.
Mason Maintain 2 quarries with 30 workers each for 3 years.
Blacksmith Equip a population of over 200 adults with steel tools for 4 years.
Built from Stone Build a town with 100 [[House#Stone House|stone houses.
Smelter Produce 10,000 iron in a 100 year period.
Golden Gate Build a bridge that is at least 50 units long.
Highwaymen Build a town with 2000 stone paved road tiles.
Stonework Produce 10,000 stone in a 100 year period.
Established Build a town that has a population of 300 after 100 years.
Master Builder Build a town with 3 Churches, 5 Boarding Houses, 4 Markets, 5 Hospitals, 2 Trading Posts, 6 Taverns, and a Town Hall.
Ready for Anything Simultaneously store 2000 fuel, 2000 wood, 500 stone, 500 iron, 200 tools, 200 coats, and 30000 food.
Tenure Build a town that has a population of 500 after 200 years.
Livestock Build a town that contains 60 cattle, 75 sheep, and 180 chickens.
Uneducated Reach a population of 300 citizens without building schools.
Mountain Men Using a harsh climate and a small mountainous map, maintain a population of 50 people for 20 years.
Educated Have a fully educated population with 200 adults for 4 years.
Town Reach a population of 900 citizens.
Village Reach a population of 600 citizens.
Isolationist Reach 300 citizens without building a trading post.
One with Nature Reach 400 citizens without building crops fields, orchards, or pastures.
Miner Maintain 2 mines with 30 workers each for 3 years.
Food variety Grow and harvest 8 different plants and 8 different orchard tree types in a single year.
Firefighter Build 20 wells in a single town.
Exports Stock the Trading Post with at least 500 ale, 300 Steel Tools, and 200 Warm Coats.
Lumberjack Produce 50,000 logs in a 100 year period.


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