Blacksmith (Profession)

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A blacksmith crafts tools for the citizens of a village to use as they work. Once a blacksmith building has been placed, a citizen may be assigned to it and begin making various tools.

Tool Production

Blacksmiths can create two different types of tools; iron and steel.
Le forgeron peut créer deux types d'objets différents; en fer ou en acier.

Iron Tools

Iron tools are the most basic type that can be created. Their only requirements are iron (which can be mined from the surface) and logs.
Les outils en fer sont les objets de base fabriqués par le forgeron. Leur fabrication ne nécessite que du fer et des bûches.

Steel Tools

Steel tools are advanced items that require more resources to craft. They do, however, last longer than iron tools.
Les outils en acier sont de bien meilleure facture. Ils nécessitent toutefois plus de ressources lors de la fabrication mais en contrepartie leur solidité est grandement augmentée.

To make a steel tool, the blacksmith uses iron, logs and coal, which can only be obtained via a mine.
Pour confectionner un outil en acier, le forgeron utilise du fer, des bûches et du charbon.


When a blacksmith is not working to make new tools, he or she behave as though they were a laborer.
Quand un forgeron ne travaille pas, il ou elle se comporte comme un ouvrier.

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