Blacksmith (Building)

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Resource Production

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Max. Workers

1 blacksmith

A blacksmith creating Iron Tools.
The event log announces the death of a blacksmith.

The Blacksmith is a structure in which the blacksmith works to produce tools from logs and iron. These tools increase the productivity of other workers, for example when mining for stone.

Very rarely, the worker can die after being burned in the forge.


The efficiency of the Blacksmith depends on the distance to the nearest Stock Pile and Storage Barn. This is because the Blacksmith needs to walk back and forth to restore their inventory of logs and iron (and coal if steel tools are produced) and to deposit produced tools. Creating Stone Roads may help to increase the efficiency of a Blacksmith that is far from a Stock Pile and Storage Barn.

By placing your blacksmith next to your Mines, you will increase the efficiency of production. Still, you have to place Stock Piles or your workers will carry the raw materials to the nearest one.

Steel tools require Iron, logs and coal, but if the amount of firewood is low your citizens will use coal to heat their houses. Make sure you have got enough firewood or the production of steel tools will halt.

Resource Flow

Each time a blacksmith works at this building, they will turn input resources into tools as per the following table. The quantity of resources taken as input, each time the worker crafts, is always the same, but the quantity of tools produced with those resources depends on the worker's education status.

Process Input Uneducated Worker Output Trading Value Change (Un-edu.) Educated Worker Output Trading Value Change (Edu.)
Iron Tools Iron + 1×Logs Iron Tool 1 profit Iron Tool 9 profit
Steel Tools Iron + 1×Logs + 1×Coal Steel Tool 3 loss Steel Tool 7 profit

Building Cost

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Resource Amount

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