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The amount of space which is taken up by resources in Stock Piles, Storage Barns, Markets and Trading Posts is commonly referred to as weight or weight unit.

The hauling capacity of citizens also depends on the weight of resources they carry.

Traders and vendors use wheelbarrows, giving them a huge bonus to their capacity.

Capacity limits

Worker Capacity
Citizen 100
Trader / Vendor 500
Structure Capacity
Stock Pile (2x2) 1000
Storage Cart 2500
Storage Barn 6000
Market 10000
Trading Post 20000 (60000 in update version 1.0.2)

Storage density

Structure weight per tile
Stock Pile 250
Storage Cart 625
Storage Barn 200
Market 69.4
Trading Post 166.7 (500 in update version 1.0.2)

Resource tables

Resource Weight
Firewood 4
Logs 11
Stone 15
Coal 15
Iron 25

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