Stock Pile

Stock Pile
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Storage, Markets, and Trade

First Appearance


Max. Capacity

250 weight units/square

A Stock Pile containing Logs, Stone, Firewood and Iron.

The Stock Pile is capable of storing logs, stone, iron, coal and firewood in its inventory.

Strategy for Gathering Resources

A good strategy may be to designate a Stock Pile next to some resources being gathered and then removing it once the local resources have been gathered. This will allow the laborers to finish gathering and then bring the resources back, rather than making many trips while harvesting resources.

Effect on Production Efficiency

Buildings that produce goods are more efficient when they are built close to a Stock Pile. When a worker is done producing a certain amount of goods they will walk to the nearest Stock Pile to deposit it. If the distance to the nearest Stock Pile is low then they will be back at work faster, making them more productive.


The stock pile can store a total of 250 weight units of resources per square of footprint. A minimum sized stock pile (2x2) will be able to hold 1000 weight units. A maximum sized stock pile is 10x10.

Stacks of resources will contain differing amounts of each type of resource.

Resource Weight
Firewood 4
Logs 11
Stone 15
Coal 15
Iron 25

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