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A fishing dock.

Fishing is a source of food in Banished. However, taking fish faster than they can reproduce will lead to extinction and starvation of your citizens[1]

Fishing Dock

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The Fishing Dock, which needs to be built next to a body of water, enables Fishermen to catch fish as a source of food.

Each dock can support up to four workers, but only one is required in order for the building to function.

Dock efficiency is determined by 3 factors:

1. How many "Water Tiles" the dock is bordering

The more water bording a dock, the more fish it will produce, therefore it is better to build a dock on a peninsula or area bordered on 3 sides by water, rather than just on a stream that is bordered by only 1 or 2 sides with water

2. The type of "Water Tiles" the dock is bordering

Streams are the least efficient places to fish, Rivers are second, and Lakes are the best. In general, most maps will have at least one large lake, so it is most efficient to build on the lake

3. Other aquatic buildings in "affected zone"

When building a dock, you can see a ring around it for its "affected zone." For each trader or other fishery in the area, production goes down and overfishing can eventually lead to depopulating the area of fish, so it is best to have no overlap of affected zones between docks [2].

Building Cost

Fishingdock Footprint.png
Resource Amount


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