Raw Materials

Raw materials are essential for any village. They include logs, stones, coal and iron ore. All materials, except for coal, can be gathered by Laborers although there are also specialized Professions.

Where to Find


Logs come from trees, which are in vast abundance and occupy a large percentage of the play area. Any Laborer can cut down a tree to create logs, but Foresters are the only workers capable of planting new trees.


Stones can also be found in great supply on the surface of the play area. Removal of these stones is identical to that of trees and can be performed by any Laborer.

It is also possible to mine stone from a Quarry, which requires a specialized labor force. Up to 30 workers can occupy a quarry at any given time.


Coal can only be gained by placing a Mine and filling it with up to 30 workers. Coal is an alternative to firewood as well used in the process of creating Steel Tools.

Iron Ore

Iron ore can be found on the surface of the play area, but in much smaller amounts than stone.

Placing a mine grants the player access to iron ore beneath the surface.

Storing Raw Materials

Raw materials in storage.

All raw materials can be kept in the Stock Pile, which is capable of storing 600 units of material.

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