A group of prosperous crops.
An infested crop field.

A crop is a cultivated plant that is harvested for consumption, and is planted in a crop field or orchard.

Crops take the form of various foods that are cyclically planted from seeds. Crops found in Banished consist of :

Crops are subject to seasonal conditions and infestations.


Crop Field Infestation Icon.jpg

It is important to note that crop fields can become infested[1], which will destroy the entire crop and generate the icon to the right. Infestation can spread to neighbouring fields bearing the same crop, so it's generally a good idea to use different crops for adjoining fields.

While there has been talk of crop rotation, or lack thereof, influencing infestation rates and soil fertility, no such feature currently exists. It might be added later if a way can be found to make it fun, rather than tedious.[2]

During an infestation, it's best to order your workers to harvest the crop as soon as possible to recover at least some of the food.


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