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The different types of clothing available at the tailor.

Clothing can be crafted by the Tailor from Leather and/or Wool to help prevent your Citizens from freezing to death during Winter. An individual citizen's clothing can be rated as Excellent, Fair, or Ragged. All Citizens begin the game with Fair clothing. Clothing wears out over time, becomes Ragged, and must be replaced.

Types of Clothing

Hide Coats

Hide Coats are created from leather and offer a modest degree of warmth, thus are rated as "Fair". Leather can be gained by hunting deer, slaughtering cattle or by using the trading post. They have a value of 10 in the trading post.

Wool Coats

Wool Coats are created from wool and offer a modest degree of warmth, thus are rated as "Fair". Players can obtain wool by raising sheep. They have a value of 15 in the Trading Post.

Warm Coats

Warm Coats require both wool and leather to craft, but offer a greater degree of protection than hide or wool coats, and are rated as "Excellent" clothing. This makes them the best type of clothing for citizens, enabling them to stay outside for longer before feeling cold. They have a value of 20 in the Trading Post.

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