Hunting Cabin

Hunting Cabin
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Food Production

First Appearance


Max. Workers

4 hunters

Hunting season overview.

The Hunting Cabin is used to define an area for hunters to hunt deer.

The Hunting Cabin has a range of 67.5 squares (diameter).

It produces both Leather and Venison.

Building cost

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Resource Amount


The yield of a Hunting Cabin is determined by the availability of deer, and by a limit of one kill every two months[1].

While working, a hunter will wander around the area defined by the Hunting Cabin. If the hunter encounters a deer, and it has been at least two months since the last kill for this Hunting Cabin, the hunter will kill the deer. The hunter then carries the dropped meat and leather to a nearby storage barn. Once a kill is made, all hunters working in a Hunting Cabin will not make another kill for two months, and will ignore any deer they meet.

Hunting Cabins with overlapping areas do not directly interfere with each other[2]. Hunters may chase the same deer, but unless there are enough hunters to remove all deer in the area, the cooldown period on kills is likely to be more limiting than the availability of deer. Multiple nearby Hunting Cabins may actually produce a higher yield due to the per-building cooldown.


Although rare, it is possible for hunters to die while working due to random events such as being trampled by a boar.

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