Wood Cutter

Wood Cutter
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Resource Production

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Max. Workers

1 woodcutter

Woodcutter's hut beside a Stock Pile with lots of firewood.

A wood cutter is a structure used to chop logs into firewood, which can in turn be used to heat homes in winter.[1] Each log that a Wood Cutter uses is turned into multiple pieces of firewood. After chopping a number of logs the cutter will gather the firewood they have created and take it to a Stock Pile.


The efficiency of the Wood Cutter depends on the distance to the nearest Stock Pile. This is because the Wood Cutter needs to walk back and forth to restore their inventory of logs and to deposit produced firewood. Creating Stone Roads may help to increase the efficiency of a Wood Cutter that is far from a Stock Pile.

Quantities and Profits

Each time the woodcutter works at this building, 1 logs is consumed and either 4 firewood, for an educated worker, or 3 firewood for an uneducated worker, is produced. Given the trading values 2 for logs and 4 for firewood, an educated worker makes 15 profit each time they work, and an uneducated worker makes 11 profit each time

Building cost

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Resource Amount

Woodcutter (Profession)

Main article: Woodcutter

A Wood Cutter hut requires a single citizen tasked as a woodcutter. As long as there is a supply of logs and the limit on firewood has not been reached, a woodcutter will continue to work.
When a Wood Cutter has no materials or has reached the limit of firewood he or she will act as a laborer.


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