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A house provides a place for families to live. Citizens can eat, store food and stay warm during winter in their houses.[1].

There are two different known types of houses, stone and wooden houses.

Wooden House

Wooden house ready to upgrade a stone house.

Wooden houses require much less resources than stone houses, but they don't offer as good protection during winter. They can be upgraded to stone houses without the need to demolish them beforehand.


Stone House

Stone Houses

Stone houses require less firewood than wooden houses and also provide more warmth, making them better homes in the long run. However, building them uses up the loose rock that is spread over the map more quickly. After the loose stone is gone, more rock can only be attained through trade or more dangerous rock quarries that require a large workforce.[2]

Because stone houses use less firewood than wooden houses and also provide more warmth, they allow the expansion of the town without the need to produce even more firewood.[3]

Stone houses can be placed as an alternative to wooden homes.

Cost to upgrade from a Wooden House


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