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(The default count of vendors is 16, but it can be increased to 25.)
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|stone = 62
|stone = 62
|iron  = 40
|iron  = 40
|layout = Market_Footprint.png  
|layout = Market_Footprint_fixed.png

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Storage, Markets, and Trade

First Appearance


The market acts as a distributor of resources for your citizens. It is the location where citizens can collect items such as food and firewood to bring to their homes.[1] Your citizens no longer have to walk long distances to collect said items, and they will therefore be back to their job much faster, increasing productivity. Each market has a capacity of 10000 weight units.

A maximum of 25 vendors can be assigned to work at the market. The more vendors, the more items can be transferred from storage buildings to the market to be distributed.

The market has a range. Every citizen within this range will prefer to get goods from the market.

The market also has a well. The well is there for aesthetic purposes and it will not help in case of a fire.

Market in a town.

Building Cost

Market Footprint fixed.png
Resource Amount


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