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*If the orchard is within the [[Wood_Cutter|Wood Cutter]]s ring of influence, the trees will be cut down.
*If the orchard is within the ring of influence of a [[Foresting|Foresters Lodge]], the trees will be cut down.


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Food Production

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A young plum orchard.
A small orchard with walnut, chestnut and apple trees.
Orchard Menu.jpg

An orchard is used for the planting of seeds which can be purchased from a merchant. Orchards comprise fruit or nut-producing trees which are grown for the sustainable production of food.

Trees which have been planted in an orchard will not yield crops in the first year as they require roughly 4 years to mature before they are able to provide the villagers with either fruit or nuts. It is worth noting that as trees in an orchard grow older they do produce more goods.[1]

Orchards can vary in shapes and sizes with a maximum of up to 15x15 tiles. The biggest orchard plot that would only require one worker is an 8x8 plot.[2]

The following fruit and nuts can be planted in an orchard:

Orchard Variety

After a set period of time the trees in an orchard will die – usually one at a time – and the farmer(s) will plant new ones. A player can take advantage of this by changing the seed type in an orchard's dialogue pop-up which means your farmer(s) will plant the newly selected produce type come planting time. Doing this every couple of in-game years will ensure that the orchard will be producing a larger variety of foods without having to commit land and farmers to the equivalent amount of individual orchard fields.

With that being said, however, it is not known the effect – positive or otherwise – that this form of tree rotation has on the frequency of infestations or if trees are harvested a few in-game years earlier than if they were left unmanaged.


An orchard of 15x15 will give the best Efficiency. Each farmer will manage 75 square which gives a bit more ratio than the other possibilities. A 4x4 field is the worst orchard you can have because 1 farmer will manage 16 blocks. The table below shows the best and worst possible grids per farmer composition.

Squares Grid Farmers Square per farmer
16 4x4/2x8 1 16
72 6x12/8x9 1 72
75 5x15 2 37.5
144 12x12 2 72
150 10x15 3 50
225 15x15 3 75


  • If the orchard is within the ring of influence of a Foresters Lodge, the trees will be cut down.


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