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Villagers chopping down a nearby forest.

Foresting is method of gathering resources. Foresting involves the player having the villagers cut down nearby trees. The logs can then be used in building structures or creating firewood to cook food and heat citizens's houses.

Trees when they are cut down do not grow back by themselves. When trees are removed the player risks destroying the habitat and getting rid of deer and cures for illnesses [1]. However the player can place a Forester's Lodge to plant and cut down trees.

Forester's Lodge

Forester's Lodge.jpg

The Forester's Lodge enables foresters to cut down nearby trees but also to re-plant them.

Deforestation should be limited, as it has an effect on the deer population and also means that cures for illnesses are lost forever, as only forests many decades old may provide a cures for a diseases.


Wood Cutter.jpg

This resource is created by building a wood cutter who then turns logs into firewood.


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